Why we started this blog

We started this blog for two key reasons. Firstly we want to start a discourse on the status of Civil Engineering – which we think is particularly low compared to other professions –  with the intention to improve the situation. We strongly believe that an honest problem identification, evaluation and possible action plan(s) are required. We strive to engage a large number of civil engineering and construction professionals as well as interested parties in other sectors. We want to collect and listen to as many people’s opinions as possible because other’s experiences might be vastly different from ours. Which may hence enhance the understanding of the above problem and lead to solutions.

Secondly we want to inform fellow and prospective engineers about the professional and personal problems they are likely to face if they  pursue this challenging and worthwhile career. We feel that there is a lack of warning regarding the disadvantages and set backs in personal/professional life and career if one chooses Civil Engineering. While we sincerely promote this profession for its intellectual merits and value to society, it is our responsibility to make future engineers aware of the high workload and liability but definite low prestige and remunerations of civil engineering work. Prospective engineers also need to consider that engineering education and career progression is likely to lock one into a disadvantageous and alarming situation of Catch-22. Improving one’s non-rewarded professional status without changing industry shows low success rate, but shifting to a more prospering industry can be challenging because our skills and work experience are unique and specialized.

The issue is not as dramatic as it might seem from above. Civil Engineers survive somehow. They are generally unhappy but they carry on. However the question remains: couldn’t this be better? Couldn’t we change this for the better? As engineers our professional mission is to improve people’s lives. We understand people’s needs, evaluate their problems and then tackle those problems. Effectively, on time, within budget. So I think we just have to do this with the above problem too. Just another challenge that needs to be Engineered. We believe that by helping the individual engineers to be more successful, we improve the construction industry. Hence it is aligned with every professional engineering board and comity.